There are over 100 climb sites with over 6000 routes – ranging from 10 to 300m – in the Alpes-Maritimes area, where Villa Rocamar is located. The vast majority of climbs here are equipped for sport climbing.

One of the best-loved climb sites in the whole region, Baou de St. Jeannet, with its vast limestone faces, is right above our town. It alone could occupy a short trip. There are over 350 climb routes in three sectors on St. Jeannet. There are routes to suit beginners, intermediates and advanced climbers. You can climb here throughout the year.

Another site within a 15 minute drive of us, and suitable especially for beginners, intermediates and kids, is 2km north of the village of Villeneuve-Loubet direction La Colle sur Loup, in the Parc Naturel des Rives du Loup. It has 85 routes and is a lovely site beside the river, although the equipment is getting a little old and well used. The park is suitable for kayaking and picnicking too. National park rules apply here.

The Gorges du Loup (500 routes) between Pont-du-Loup and Gourdon is 20- 30 minutes’ drive away, with panoramic views and a number of very advanced climb sites, which attract visitors from all over the world. It is a great spot to climb during the hot summer months especially, as it is mostly shaded.

Further up into the mountains (45 minutes’ scenic drive) is Greolières, which has an old, but very good site, popular especially during winter. There is also a very well-loved site another ten minutes’ drive above Greolières, called Chouchou Place.

Last but not least: also a 45 minute drive from us, but worth every minute, is the huge site of La Turbie (600 routes). Situated on the coast near Cap d’Ail, it has the best views in the region directly over Monaco and the Mediterranean and is a “must-see” if you are coming to climb over here.

There are another 60+ climb sites within 40 minutes to an hour’s drive of us, both higher up into the mountains and lower down by the sea.

You can find a list of all the SNEs (sites naturels d’escalade or natural climbing sites) in France, with varying levels of information about each one (in French), on the FFME (French Federation of the Mountains and Climbing) site directory. To find the climbs within an hour of us, refine your search to Department 06 – Alpes Maritimes.

Other online resources you might find interesting if researching a possible climbing trip here are and the blog

For extensive detail on all climbs in the region, we recommend the ‘L’Escalade dans les Alpes-Maritimes’ guide by Jean-Claude Raibaud (in French). It can be bought on and on

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